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Is your teeth in need of straightening? You have many options, including Invisalign and other orthodontic options.


Your first step is calling Island Dental. We'll do a complete exam and give you the personalized help you're looking for.

If your smile has a gap in it, there is hope. Call Island Dental today for specialized, personalized services.


From full and partial dentures, to porcelain veneers and dental implants, you can totally reconstruct your smile.

Do you miss any teeth? Do you need a solution?

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Learn about your orthodontic options

•  Dental implant restorations

•  Get porcelain veneers

•  Full orthodontics services

•  White composite fillings

•  Partial dentures

•  Full dentures

•  Invisalign teeth straightening

•  Dental cleanings

Get the services that will improve your smile

When you need dental services, call us at 609-822-0911 for an appointment. We accept most insurance and can help with everything from general dentistry and regular teeth cleaning to oral surgery and preventative maintenance.

Full dental services await you